Alhana Rotten presents to you her Smoking Fetish Site
I am 18 (21 in some locations) and am legally old enough to view Adult Material.
I am NOT of legal age or I find adult material offensive and must not continue.

There is a time and place for everything in life. In the U.S. an adult must be 21 in order to enjoy the freedom of consuming alcohol in a responsible manner. With Adult Entertainment sites and content that age is primarily 18 (21 in some locales). Dont force the government to take away the rights of others by forcing the hand of parenting skills that should start in the home. Become responsible parents and educate yourself and others on the laws and regulations in your area on internet awareness. This site is for adult entertainment only. We do not condone Child Pornography and ask you to keep your rights to view these sites and your 1st Admendment Rights safe by reporting those who use children in the production of Adult Entertainment.
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